This is where is all starts


Finally! K-Boss found the source of the problem. Now, if we can only shut these bastards down. This is worse than distributing drugs in a school zone.

Thanks to K-Boss for this photo from the Phillies/Astros 16 inning marathon on August 24/25, 2010.
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2 Responses to “This is where is all starts”

  1. drunkentoucan Says:

    The drugs give the kids a euphoric feeling, whereas the wasted money on jerseys which shouldn’t exist in the first places leaves them feeling quite uneasy.

  2. Mrs Photographer N Says:

    In response to drunkentoucan…you are quite right about the uneasy feeling. Similar to drugs, I suppose these idiots do have a fleeting feeling of euphoria as they watch the lettering being sewn onto their brand new personalized jersey. And like the effect of narcotics, this leads to an intense feeling of paranoia as they attempt to escape the roving camera of Photographer N and his loyal army of picture takers!! They can run, but they can never hide! They will be photographed & mocked!!

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