Big deal


This one was passed along to me by from The Fightins
The photo was accompanied by this email:

“I saw this Jersey at last night’s game and it has to be the biggest violation ever.  I would rather wear a Hamels Jersey or one with my own name on the back than this spectacle of over inflated self-importance.  Maybe I’m just jealous because I can only make a Jersey that says Partial Plan 08.”

I know exactly what you’re saying, my friend. Mrs. Photographer N. and I have had Phillies season tickets since 1996. That’s right — even through the lean years of the late 90s. We sat through the 2000 season when the Phils won a pathetic 65 games. So, I have two words for this bandwagon-jumping moron who felt compelled to display his ticket purchasing status to the world.

And those two words ain’t “pop fly”.

Thanks to and Dennis D. for this photo.
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  1. Dennis Says:

    Yea it was a big violation. I just wanted to point out in the e-mail I spelled Hamels “Hamles” because the Fightins have had several pics posted of people wearing “Hamles” Jerseys. I wear my Hamels and Larry Anderson Jersey’s with pride whenever I’m at the Ballpark. I didn’t want anyone to think I didn’t like Hamels.


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