Mind your own



4 Responses to “Mind your own”

  1. Ricky Jordan Fan Club Says:

    I believe that would be the jersey of Joe Bisenius, who briefly pitched for the Phils in 2007 and spent some time with the Nationals last season

  2. Chris Says:

    Well technically this guy is ok, cup o’ coffee with Phils and Nats,


    • photographerN Says:

      Despite the Phillies not nearly getting their $380,000 out of Mr. Bisenius with his two innings pitched (walked 2; struck out 3), he wore number 46 on both the Phils and the Nats.
      So the gentleman in the photo either:
      A. bought this jersey really, really cheap as an “irregular”
      B. is an idiot

  3. Chris Says:

    Or c. bought it cheap as a spring training used jersey where he wore #49.

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