return engagement


Remember a few seasons ago when this dubious stat was a topic of conversation?
Yeah, I don’t give a shit either.

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2 Responses to “return engagement”

  1. Working For A Clampdown Says:

    I’ve been contemplating starting my blog/website that would catalogue the biggest asshole Phillie fans. There’s “Don’t Taser Me Dude” and “Puke Man” and then there’s this guy who wastes his money on commemorating a low point in franchise history. A) No one gives a shit – yeah dude, we know, we get it, we’ve lived a lot of it. B) For those that do give a shit, it’s not something to be proud of and we don’t need to be reminded of it, especially by a Phillie fan. Go root for the next team in line for 10,000 loses. Heck, go root for the Seatlle Super Sonics – there’s some really great front row seats for their games available now. Oh, they don’t exist anymore – well that’s the point, this idiot and his shirt shouldn’t exist anymore either.

    Another nominee for Asshole Phillie fan is the idiot who sat in Section 137, Row 19, Seat 1 on Sunday, May 22, 2011. He spent the afternoon doing his own talk show with himself and everyone around him was the unfortunate audience members, err, I mean victims of his wit and wisdom about how great the Texas “Never Won A World Series” Rangers are. A fine example of his act for the day – loudly repeating the following phrase over and over again “Mitchell Moreland.” This guy was such an idiot that he didn’t even realize how badly the Phillie fan across the aisle insulted him (he was sitting with a young woman). He said something like this and I am paraphrasing – “Dude, maybe if you weren’t so fat and ugly, maybe if you went to the gym and got in shape and took care of your hygiene you could be sitting here at the game like me, with a nice looking girl, enjoying life. Instead you’re sitting there with your pimple faced boyfiend, gaining another 10 pounds from all the crap you’re eating.” Classic. But the loser seemed to take it as a compliment.

  2. Chris Says:

    What goes through a dude’s head when he is getting that jersey made? Yeah this is going to look so cool. And what goes through the person’s head who has to make the jersey up? What a loser? Let’s charge him per number and letter?

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