Bonus #92: yet another headscratcher


Can someone please explain this one to me?
Utley 27???? And what’s that jersey?


4 Responses to “Bonus #92: yet another headscratcher”

  1. Nikco Riesgo Says:

    When Chase rehabbed with the Reading Phillies a few seasons ago, he wore 27 because Reading retired 26 in honor of Ryne Sandberg. This jersey, however, does not resemble a Reading Phillies jersey, past or present.

  2. Chris Says:

    Is it a UCLA jersey?

  3. DroppedStrikeThree Says:

    Definitely a UCLA jersey. A similar one:

    • photographerN Says:

      WE HAVE A WINNER! It is, indeed, a Chase Utley UCLA jersey. What I can’t figure out is… who the hell is wearing a jersey – they paid approximately $820 for – to a ball game?

      AND holding a baby, thus increasing the “spit up” potential.


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