This is not funny or cute or clever or sentimental.
This is just how two idiots waste $450.


2 Responses to “mash-up”

  1. Ed H Says:

    Wow! I think we have reached a new level!!

  2. dennis Says:

    When I saw these guys and tried to take a photo it came out bad, luckily you were able to expose them…. Call me superstitious but stuff like this really offends the baseball gods. One look at these guys and I knew there was no way the Phillies could win that day. I just knew it. Their still not as bad as the guy with Red Face Paint, sunglasses and Ronald Mcdonald wig that started appearing during Phillies Post season games sitting behind homeplate in 2010. That guy is a curse!!! He was not their in 08 or 09, now he’s there for every playoff game they lose.

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