Our Never-ending Mission

I have no problem with people wanting to support their home team. Wave your foam fingers! Turn your caps inside out to inspire a rally! Even paint your face in your team’s colors. And, of course, buy a jersey with your favorite player’s name on the back. Sure, jerseys can be expensive, so players from the past and Hall of Famers are still okay.


Your own name? Or your nickname? Or some sort of inside joke?
Are you kidding me?
THAT’S where I draw the line.

This blog will seek to expose those who dare take team support one step too far.

Send your submissions to philliesphotos@yahoo.com


17 Responses to “Our Never-ending Mission”

  1. WTT Says:

    This is a great website. Absolutely great. I’d like to feature it on our blog- let me know.

  2. jdashdog Says:

    This site is awesome! I just wish I thought of it.

    Reader fo’ life

  3. J Says:

    Very funny so far. Keep up the good work!

  4. steve Says:

    love the site. on the day Bond’s was in town stuck on 712 hrs i sat behind a guy wearing a jersey with the name Holmes and #13.5

  5. Bronx Bomber Says:

    This is some of the funniest stuff I’ve seen. I’ve got a few photos stashed away…I’ll have to dig them up for you.

  6. GE Says:

    Great site. Unfortunately, I just found this site tonight. Otherwise I would have had a Obama 44 jersey pic. Last night in the Wachovia Center parking lot before the Phils-Braves Sunday night game, there was a group tailgating near Broad and Pattison. One of the guys was wearing the Obama 44. He definitely seemed like the kind of guy that would have more than obliged a photo op.

    How about an ABP for a photo? Someone has to capture this by the end of the season.

  7. Titus Pullo Says:

    Great idea, great site. If you’re looking to expand, may I suggest that you also post pictures of adults who bring their glove to the game? That’s just as pathetic as putting your own name on a jersey.

    • Lost In The Supermarket Says:

      Yeah, great idea Titus Pullo. Don’t worry kids, if a ball comes your way it won’t hurt when it hits you in the hands or face. On Wednesday, July 22, 2009, day game at CBP against the Cubs, a little girl sitting in first row, third base line, foul territory, took a foul line drive on her arm. Guess what Titus Pullo? She DIDN’T HAVE A GLOVE!!! AND HER PARENT/GUARDIAN DIDN’T HAVE A GLOVE. But at least the adult/guardian/parent wasn’t pathetic (per your entry). You could hear the girl screaming in pain in the Hall of Fame seats. Want another example Tetanus Foolo? In 2007 or 2008 I watched a vendor take a foul ball square on the jaw. But at least the gloveless adults around him weren’t pathetic. Here’s a suggestion for you Clitus Jello – volunteer to be part of the medical staff at CBP and let’s see what you think about pathetic adults with gloves.

      • Matt Says:

        haha I think we found an adult who takes his glove to games…I haven’t worn my glove to a game since I was about 9 and I’ve never had any trouble catching a foul ball or at least knocking it down. I think I’ll take a ball to the face before I become one of “those guys” who wears his glove to a game, though.

  8. Pete Says:

    Yeah, haha, and if you or someone very close to you were injured by a foul ball you wouldn’t sue right?

    Ever heard of a guy named Mike Coolbaugh? Google it. How about Tim Tepas, Pirates fan? Look up some of these names: Luke Holko, Alan Fish and Manny Mota, Maddie Emerson, Chris Gavora.

    Did you notice that all dugouts have protective screens/fences in front of them? Why is that? Look up Don Zimmer, 1999, Yankee Stadium, playoff game against the Texas Rangers.

    Or how about this story about a fan at CBP who was injured by a foul ball:


    Want to read about it in a book?


    Maybe if “one of those guys” was around then following might not have happened:


  9. Matt Says:

    You take that risk when you attend a baseball game. Pretty sure there are warnings all over the place at the stadiums to watch for foul balls…Thanks for the warnings though, and you just keep on taking your glove to games and I’ll probably still be laughing when I see you.

    • Pete Says:

      I’m so glad that I served my country to protect and defend macho idiots like you so you can have your freedom of speech. And then use that freedom of speech to laugh at someone because they bring a glove to a baseball game to avoid injury (especially to my kids). So go right ahead and laugh at me. And you know what? Laugh right in my face. It was such a pleasure and honor to defend you and your freedom. Just remember, what comes around, goes around. When it does make sure you laugh real hard at yourself if they have to rush you to a hospital.

  10. BroadStreetBully Says:

    I don’t see what you serving our country has to do with bringing a baseball glove to a game, but ok…And from my experiences, any time anybody has gotten hit with a foul ball, it wasn’t because they didn’t have a glove, it was because they weren’t paying attention to the damn game. If you’re watching the actual game, chances are you can move your head 6 inches to the left or right, or put up a hand to deflect or catch the ball. I’ve caught foul balls at games, without a glove, and it wasn’t that difficult.

    • Pete Says:

      Would you laugh at someone who wears a seatbelt? Or someone who wears suntan lotion? The quick summary is that there are some who believe it’s funny that adults choose to bring a glove to a baseball game. I don’t know about you but I am a lifelong Phillies season ticket holder – part of a 3 generations of season ticket holders. I’ve seen far too many folks crushed by foul balls. And all of the ones that I’ve seen were paying attention. Their hands weren’t enough to save them from taking a foul ball to head or breaking their hand or fingers. Back to the subject – if you want to bring a glove, or you don’t want to bring a glove that’s your business. But there’s no reason for anyone to laugh at anyone for bringing a glove. I’ve got a wife and two kids that I often bring to the game. You want something to laugh at, go to a movie, go see a comedian. But don’t laugh at or criticize someone’s judgement. I will always defend someone’s right to enjoy the game without having to worry about some jackass making fun of them. Sorry dude, but I have had quite enough of Philly fans harrassing other Philly fans. I’m sick and tired of the bad reputation and the foul and rude behavior.

  11. Tyler Says:

    I think it’s okay when someone puts their name and a reasonable number that isn’t in use or retired on their jersey, along with their last name. A lot of people wish they could have played for the Phils, and having their name on a jersey makes them feel better. I mean, I agree that getting something like “Baller Status” with the number 69 or something is stupid and a waste, but other than stupid things like that, it doesn’t bother me.

  12. BroadStreetBully Says:

    If the hand isn’t enough to get up and get in front of a ball coming at you, what difference does having a glove on that hand have? If your hand isn’t fast enough to get up to shield your face or whatever, how does having half a pound of leather speed it up? The glove gives you an extra couple of inches on your hand, but if you can’t protect yourself from the ball without the glove, you’re not going to do much better with a glove.

    And just because we’re both Phillies fans doesn’t mean we have to agree on everything. If you were a Mets fan, or a Dodgers fan, or a fan of any team, I’d still laugh when I saw a grown man wearing a glove to a game.

    Just admit that the reason you take a glove to the game is so you can catch a foul ball easier. You don’t have to pretend you’re protecting anybody bro.

  13. Working For A Clampdown Says:

    To all of you posting on this subject matter, that is now almost 6 months old – that’s enough; time for something new.

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