Since I started this website, I’ve been called out six times for posting a photo of someone wearing a legitimate player jersey. I’ll be the first one to admit when I’m wrong. So, in the future, if I post a photo of an actual jersey of some obscure Phillies player who appeared in the ninth inning of one game in September of 1953 and caught the last out, let me know. I’ll mark it with the stamp (shown above) and amend the post. (There is now an “Amended” category.)

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— Photographer N

“Coming from a news website, from time to time we would also encounter some complains about people being tagged in photos during events by mistake and we would gladly take responsibility to either take down the photos and/or correct them. Thanks to webmasters like  Photographer N for maintaining integrity by knowing how to admit such errors and seek the time to correct these mistakes.”
— Andrew Perry Editor for Team Pokerlistings


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