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Bonus #179

September 25, 2013


This morning, I checked for the final score of the first game of the Phillies-Marlins series. The crack research team at Yahoo Sports got the score right, but wasn’t sure which team won and which team Nathan Eovaldi pitches for.

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Bonus #178

September 25, 2013


We didn’t know that today was the Phillies end-of-season prom. We were so under-dressed.

Thanks to Mrs. Photographer N. for this photo.
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Bonus #177

September 25, 2013


Look at all the people lined up for John Lannan’s autograph.

I didn’t even realize he was still on the team.


Bonus #176

September 9, 2013


Now, that’s dedication!

Thanks to Ed H. for this photo.
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Bonus #175

September 9, 2013


As incoherent as the real thing.

Bonus #174

September 9, 2013


The classic meal at the ballpark.

Whatever it is.

Bonus #173: a public service announcement from WDHP4

September 9, 2013


Know it. Learn it. Live it.

Thank you.



Bonus #172

September 9, 2013


Maybe Flo will be at the next game.


Bonus #171

August 30, 2013


When catcher Travis d’Arnaud played in the Toronto Blue Jays farm system, he had no problem with an uppercase “D” on the back of his jersey as the first letter in his last name. Now that he made it to the Majors (if you can call the Mets “the Majors”), it seems he’s a little more picky. After getting the call up last week, he insisted that the “D” be lowercase on the back of his Mets jersey. Well, no team has lowercase letters on the back of their jerseys. So, the equipment department had to get creative. They used an inverted uppercase “P” to appease Mr…. uh…. Mr. ….. whatever the fuck his name is.

Ugh. The Mets.

Thanks to Mrs. Photographer N. for pointing this one out.
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Bonus #170

August 26, 2013


So, do they sell men’s hats at the store you got that one?