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After five seasons of sneaking through the crowds and 1,490 posts documenting the ultimate in fan offense, Who Does HE Play For? comes to a close. It’s been a great run. I had a lot of fun – taking off through the crowded concourse, chasing after hundreds of idiots with their own names emblazoned across their hundred dollar Phillies jerseys. Sometimes, I would disappear into a clump of fans in hot pursuit of my prey and poor Mrs. Photographer N. wasn’t sure if I was getting the shit kicked out of me because I was caught.

I will leave the site up until the internet decides to take it down, but I will not be adding any new posts.

Thanks to everyone for your support and your contributions. Keep up the cause.

Don’t let the baseball terrorists win.

Photographer N.


Bonus #179

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This morning, I checked for the final score of the first game of the Phillies-Marlins series. The crack research team at Yahoo Sports got the score right, but wasn’t sure which team won and which team Nathan Eovaldi pitches for.

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Bonus #178

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We didn’t know that today was the Phillies end-of-season prom. We were so under-dressed.

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You th’ man!

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sort of….

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crying towel

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What up, Paulie G.?


Britney’s ex?

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And she got the jersey number in the divorce settlement.



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low inventory

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After this one, they had to order more A’s, R’s and L’s.

Without music

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or brains.